L298 Motor Driver Module

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Ideal for robotic applications, this product can be used to control 1 or 2 bipolar motors.

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L298 Motor Driver Module Dual H Bridge DC Stepper for Arduino Experimental Board + Mixed Alloy Color: Black Chip Module: CP2102 Working Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +125 ℃ Power Input: 4.5V ~ 9V (10VMAX), USB-powered Drive Type: Dual high-power H-bridge driver Current: continuous transmission ≈70mA (200mA MAX) Standby: <200uA Size: (L)X(W)4.8X2.5cm/1.89”X0.98”(appr.) Highlights: A must have of tools to develop ESP8266-01. ESP8266 has IO Pin. ESP8266 full IO mouth leads directly download without resetting. Open-source, interactive, programmable, low cost, simple, smart, WI-FI enabled. Greatly speed up your IOT application developing process.  
  • Drive a 2-phase bipolar stepper motor or two DC motors with the L298 dual H-Bridge chip, mounted on this handy breakout board along with all necessary peripherals
  • It is ideal for robotic applications and well suited for connection to a micro controller requiring just a couple of control lines per motor
  • It can also be interfaced with simple manual switches, TTL logic gates, relays, etc.
  • A great set of tools to develop ESP8266, CP2102 chip, Built-in Micro-USB,with flash and reset switches
  • ESP8266 has IO pin leads directly download without resetting
  • USB: Micro USB port for power, programming and debugging


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