All parents think that their child is born prodigy. But how intelligent is your child? Well that’s a difficult question.  Dr. Howard Gardner, a renowned professor at Harvard University, proposed eight different types of intelligences because “intelligence” is far too limiting a concept which includes intelligences like linguistic and verbal, logical, spatial, body & movement, interpersonal, intrapersonal & naturalist.  Scientific research indicates that a child’s intelligence is 80% hereditary. But does it mean that children of people who are less intelligent don’t stand chance to be prodigies? Absolutely not. It is always good to understand how smart your kids are in their own ways rather than worrying what they can’t do. Studies prove that children learn from the environment they should be intelligence trained for a lifelong pursuit, nourished by healthy diet and encouraged to use their unique gifts effectively.  The best gift you can give your child is the love of learning. Here is where we can help develop your kids logical intelligence though robotics. We have a plethora of self-do robotic toys that will encourage practical application of scientific concepts in the most fun filled way.